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At dh bolton we practice leadership through accountability. Owners choose us because when we manage...we lead! The project management delivery system we create and implement works to mitigate our client's risk and limit their exposure. We establish benchmarks early and track progress to ensure that project deliverables are met and provide oversight to advise and direct our Owners on issues that impact cost and time. Owners rely on our expertise to safeguard their interest and investment in-order to promote the goals and vision of their organization. We sweat the details...so that our Owners can rest assured that their projects remain on schedule and within budget!

The Right Choice
Todays Owners face tremendous exposure to loss when investing in capital improvement projects in-order to further the goals and misson of their organizations. The fast paced and dynamic environment resulting from the administration of the construction process create areas for opportunity and loss. Without careful planning and managed execution by trained professionals the threat of exposure to Owners for financial loss is maximized. The integration of technology into the construction administration adds a requiste layer of sophistication that should be considered.
Enter dh bolton... we work seamlessly as an extension of your team to manage the competing threats and opportunities inherent with todays construction projects. Safeguarding the interest of our Owners, is our only priority!

The Approach


Our approach is simple...leadership requires direct action...we take it! Instead of avoiding difficult issues and pointing fingers, we look for the early signs of potential problems and solve them. Thereby mitigating  the Owner's exposure. We work with all project stakeholders to keep the project moving forward while gaining consensus in a solution driven environment. 

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